Thursday, December 2, 2021

NYS Medigap Rate Chart for 2022 and the NYC Medicare Advantage Scam

New York State and Medigap Insurance

If you click on the link below, you will see the all the Medicare Supplememt(Medigap) insurance plans available in New York State for 2022 along with their monthly premiums. These plans are avalilable on the open market to everyone covered by traditional Medicare. I have always found when you get to see everyting laid out in chart, it all comes into focus.

NYS Medigap Rate Chart for 2022

Medigap inurance is what the City currently provides for retired City workers who are eligible for and covered by Medicare. The City pays a $194 premium per month per retiree to EmblemHealt/GHI. If the retiree is married the City also pays another $194 per month for the spouse if he/she is also eligible for Medicare.

This Medigap insurance, GHI Senior Care, appears to be a Plan A type of Medigap insurance based on its cost. This is the lowest cost Medigap insurance that CMS, the federal Medicare administraror, allows to qualify as Medicare Supplemental insurance. Medigap insurance basically covers the 20% of medical costs that Medicare doesn't cover.

As compared to Plan A, Plan F is the best type of Medigap insurance that you can buy as you can see in the chart. You can bet your ass that the City wasn't going to provide a Plan F type Medigap insurance for its retirees. You can see all the premium rates for all the plans in the NYS chart. The NYS Department of Financial Services (DFS) oversees the Medigap insurance plans sold in the state. DFS does not have authority over Medicare Advantage plans.

Critique of Medicare Advantage Problems

This is a clear critique of the Medicare Advantage business model and who gets the short end of the stick. Read this link, Medicare Advantage critique

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