Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Update on Nespoli Tier 6 Litigation - Outrageous Delay

The Nespoli Tier 6 case is dragging on forever. The members' lawyer just wrote a letter to the judge asking what the hell he/she is doing about this case. Of course, she was more diplomatic than my phrasing.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Just For Fun - Who Got the $245M

NYCERS spent $245M in FY-2020 on investment expenses. All together the five city funds spent $879M.

There is a link below where you can view the detailed list of who NYCERS paid the money to. The link is nine pages long. The first page is a summary and the the next eight pages list all the managers, the assets under management, and the fees received for the year. NYCERS has about 350 investment managers.

NYCERS needs to disclose this information in its comprehnsive annual financial report (CAFR). The full CAFR report is almost 200 pages long. I suspect the NYCERS Trustees have never looked at this data.

So here are the details

Look at a page 2 of the link. There are four entries, all for Blackrock. There are three fixed income items (corporate, government, mortgage) and one domestic equity entry (Russell 1000 - Core). That is all you need to run a $67B portfolio. Just scale up the amounts under management. The fees would drop down to $16M and annual rate of return would go up 1 to 2%.