Saturday, May 13, 2017

NYC Pension Costs for FY-2018

The total costs for the five actuarial pension funds for the NYC FY-2018 Budget is $10.009B up from $9.663B in FY-2017.

Teachers Retirement System $3.744B 110,000 working teachers $34,000 per teacher.
Board of Education Retirement System $.295B 20,000 active employees $14,700 per employee.
NYC Employees Retirement System $1.825B 100,000 active city employees $18,200 per employee.
Police Pension Fund $2.393B 35,000 police officers $68,400 per police officer.
Fire Pension Fund $1.200B 11,000 firefighters $109,100 per firefighter.

There is also a $.552B cost in the budget that is unassigned to any of the five funds but clearly stated in the budget for FY-2018.