Saturday, November 6, 2021

A Simple Look at the Pro's and Con's of Medigap Insurance and Medicare Advantage Insurance From the Wall Street Journal

I have previously written about the City's Medicare Advantage scam. That is the one where the City saves money by taking away traditional Medicare/Medigap insurance from retirees over age 65 and dumping them into a Medicare Advantage plan. The City then gives the money saved to City unions for their patronage welfare funds.

It is really difficult sorting through the pros and cons of the Medicare/Medigap versus the Medicare Advantage plans. This is especially hard since the insurance companies, who run the Medicare Advantage plans, spend huge amounts of money promoting their extremely profitable businesses.

I recently, however, came across a very simple straight forward explanation in the Wall Street Journal, of all places. Please read the article.

The basic conclusion is that if you can afford it, the Medicare/Medigap program is the better choice, since soon or later we all have signification health issues. For decades the City, by statute, has been paying for the Medigap insurance for its retirees. Now it wants retirees to pay for the insurance and give the savings to the union welfare funds.

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