Wednesday, October 6, 2021 Compare Original Medicare vs Medicare Advantage Scam

If you have been wondering if OLR has been correct in describing the new Medicare Advantage plan that they are forcing all retirees into, just check out the offical Medicare website with its helpful compare page.

On the this page you get to pick Original Medicare with or without Medigap insurance and/or Part D drug coverage versus Medicare Advantage. You then get a list of the main features of the two different plans.

When you pick Medicare Advantage chart you get all the same features as Original Medicare with Medigap insurance and Part D drug coverage except for one one big item. You will notice an interesting red X next to "Use of any doctor or hospital that takes Medicare, across the U.S.". This is the key problem problem for retirees especially those dispersed all over the country.

At the bottom of the page listing the features of either choices, you can click on a list of all the associated plans in your geographical area. The City MAP plan is not listed in Suffolk County, where I live.

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