Tuesday, May 4, 2021

IBM and the Legacy Replacement Project

In April, IBM released a presentation, Myth versus reality - Modernization on IBM Z, outlining the firm's strategy for upgrading IBM's traditional mainframe systems.

The main thrust of the presentation is that converting to other platforms is significantly more expensive than upgrading the mainframe platform. Of course, IBM has a vested interest in this claim but the firm's arguments match up with my experience in building systems over the years.

As reference, in 2016, I helped a client convert from in-house AS/400 based application system to a a third party MS Sequel Server based industry oriented application system. The implementation required customization but the conversion was relative simple because the new application was already written and the old AS/400 system functioned on a very basic flat file system without overwhelming transaction volume.

The NYCERS situation, however, is radically more complex with massive transaction volumes. In addition the new application is not yet written.

IBM also has published a short five page document listing the problems that conversion projects run into Problems with Offloading Data.

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