Friday, December 9, 2016

Bad News - NYCERS Reup'd on the Lease for the LIC Disaster Site? No. Mazza is Acting Executive Director as of January 1.

In late spring of 2006 NYCERS signed a ten year lease for a disaster recovery site in Long Island City. It came up for renewal this year and it appears from recent comments by the executive director, Diane D'Alessandro that NYCERS renewed the lease.

At the November 10, 2016 Board Meeting, D'Alessandro announced that by January 1, 2017 some poor souls who work in document control and the mail room will be assigned to work at LIC. There was no mention of the Certificate of Occupancy for the site. Maybe NYCERS finally got the C.O. after ten years. Maybe they are afraid to say so because then they would have to admit it took them ten years to get it.

I don't understand how DC-37 has agreed to let their members to be permanently exiled to such a dump. You can be sure none of D'Alessandro's buddies will have to work there. I wounder if the Post Office will pick up mail from the site?

As far I know there has never been a full fledged test of a recovery plan since workers were not legally permitted on the site. I have no idea how NYCERS has been able to safely run their file backup system at this site when there is no permanent staff at the site. As far as I know there is no plan B.

I guess NYCERS had no option but to renew the lease for five years.

Well D'Alessandro will be gone on January 1. It will be someone else's mess then. Oh, maybe Mazza can solve this problem.

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Lynn Errara said...

Yes Ms.Mazza where is my pension???? First you give me Lifelock for life after workers and retirees information was leaked after you decreased my pension to 7.00 dollars and now Nycers is afraid of all these mess ups they have done they wontbgive me my own pension information over phone because they say it might be a mistake?!! My Lifelock was also cancelled. U decrease my pension. Allow my information to be leaked and now your telling me the information you have might not be right about the day I was Hired??!!! U are all corrupt I don't think this corruption is going to go on much longer!!!!