Friday, September 16, 2016

A Little Good News!

On Wednesday, September 14, the NYCERS executive director, Diane D'Alessandro, announced that she was retiring at the end of December.

Hopefully the exit of this vicious incompetent boss should provide most NYCERS employees with some relief from their daily stress at work. Of course it will create serious concerns for all the equally incompetent flunkies that she has hired over the last 11 years as well as some other specific employees that have done her dirty work during that time. I am referring to Karen Mazza, Felita Baksh/Ramsami/DiLorenzo, Kin Mak, and Liz Reyes among others.

There was a DOI investigation started in response to the Ellen Carton hiring. I suspect D'Alessandro wants to get out of Dodge before the sheriff arrives.

I sincerely hope that the trustees are able to clean house after she is gone. This agency has a totally adequate operating budget as opposed to other city agencies. It should be an example of almost perfect service to members and retirees as opposed to the arrogant dismissive operation that it is.

Assuming D'Alessandro has no pre-2001 NYS/NYC service, her pension will be about $50K/yr. based on a $217K/yr salary and 14 years of service. This is not a smart financial move. Six more years of service and 12% increase in salary would have increased her pension to $97K/yr.


Marianne Pizzitola said...

Waiting for the chips to fall... you know what they say about throwing shit in the wind.

Niki Murphy said...

So glad someone had the balls to respond. Your comments reflect the sentiment of almost everyone employed at the agency right now, except for the relatives and chronies she's hired. They're just too afraid to respond. I hope Lurch's replacement will be able to pick up the pieces and clean up the damage that has been done over the last decade+. It's time that members, retirees, and employees feel the pride they once did working for this agency and the City of New York. It's long gone, and they'd be lucky to get JJM back. NOT!

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